2013 International Symposium “Towards an Effective Guarantee of the Green Access”

International Symposium
”Towards an Effective Guarantee of the Green Access:
Japan’s Achievements and Critical Points from a Global Perspective”

March 30 – 31, 2013
Awaji Island, Japan

Language: Japanese/English (Simultaneous Interpretation)
Venue: Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
Green Access Project
(Cabinet Office/Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology)
of the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
Japan Association for Environmental Law and Policy
Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan
Hyogo Prefecture
Japan Environmental Council


Papers and Presentations

Session I: Development of Partnership Policies in Japan

Report 1 “Development of Partnership Policies in Japan”
Prof. Noriko Okubo
Osaka University / Green Access Project Research Representative
Presentation(Japanese and English)

Report 2:”Development of Partnership Policies in Japan”
Prof. Hikaru Kobayashi
Keio University / Former Administrative Vice Minister of Ministry of the Environment

Session II: Leading Cases in Kansai Area

Report 3:”Sustainable Regions: Environmental Restoration in Hyogo”
Mr. Naotsugu Tsukidani
Director, Environmental Affairs, Hyogo Prefecture

Report 4:”Anti-Pollution Measures: Revitalization of Polluted Areas”
Mr. Itaru Fujie
Director, The Aozora Foundation, Osaka Prefecture
Presentation(English) Paper(English)
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Report 5:”Reintroduction of the Oriental White Stork as a measure for recovery of biodiversity in rural area of Japan”
Prof. Yasuo Ezaki
University of Hyogo

Report 6:”Low-Carbon and Energy: The Nanohana Project”
Ms. Ayako Fujii
Representative of The Nanohana Project Network, Shiga Prefecture
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Report 7:”Awaji Yumebutai and its Actions towards Environmental Revitalization”

Mr. Shinichi Taniguchi
President of YUMEBUAI Co., Ltd.
Presentation(Japanese and English)

Session III: Actions of NGOs and Intermediary Organizations

Report 8:”The Role of Environmental Lawyers for Promoting the Green Access”
Ms. Izumi Nishijima
Attorney / Environment and Pollution Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Ms. Yuko Nakashita
Attorney / Former Chairperson of the Environment and Pollution Committee of the
Japan Federation of Bar Associations / Executive Director of Aarhus Net
Paper by Ms. Nishijima(English) Presentation by Ms.Nakashita(English)
Paper by Ms. Nishijima(Japanese) Presentation by Ms.Nakashita(Japanese)

Report 9:”About Partnership Activities of a Japanese Environmental NPO”
Mr. Hiroyuki Hirata
Project Leader (Japan), Environmental Partnership Council-EPC

Session IV: Legal Professions and NGOs

Report 10:”Recent Development on Aarhus Principles in EU”
Mr. Jean-Francois Brakeland
Head of Unit A2, DG Environment, European Commission, Belgium

Article(English)”Access to justice in environmental matters – developments at EU level”(update)

Report 11:”Access to Justice in Environmental Matters – The Aarhus Convention 1998-2013″
Prof. Jan Darpo
Chairman of the UNECEs Task Force on Access to Justice under the Aarhus
Convention / Uppsala University, Sweden
Presentation(English) Paper(English)


Report 12:”Intensity of Judicial Review in German Environmental Cases”
Dr. Werner Heermann
Former Vice-President of Association of European Administrative Judges, Germany
Presentation (English) Full-paper(English)
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Report 13:”Development of Environmental Public Interest Litigation in Australia and the Role of Environmental Court”
The Hon. Justice Brian J Preston
Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, Australia

Session V: NGOs and Reo Principle 10

Report 14:”Why is it so important to guarantee Access to Justice for NGOs?”
Ms. Joanna Cornelius
European ECO Forum / Attorney, Sweden
Paper(English) Presentation(English)

Report 15:”Activities regarding Public Participation ? Promotion Strategies”
Ms. Mara Silina
European Environmental Bureau: EEB, Belgium
Presentation(English) Paper(English)

Report 16:”TAI’s Strategies on the implementation of Principle 10″
Ms. Carole Excell
Senior Associate, The Access Initiative:TAI, USA

Session VI: A Theoretical Perspective

Report 17:”Greening Justice: Information, Public Participation, and Access to Justice ? What can Environmental Courts and Tribunals Contribute?”
Since reporters were sick, They couldn’t come to Japan. So Prof. Okubo introduced these presentation.

Prof. George (Rock) Pring
University of Denver Sturm College of Law, USA
Ms. Catherine (Kitty) Pring
Co-Director, University of Denver Environmental Courts and Tribunals Study, USA

Report 18:”Recent Trends of SLAPP litigation and NPO’s countermeasures”
Ms. Judith A Preston
Macquarie University, Australia
Presentation(English) Paper(English)
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Report 19:”Access to Justice by Environmental NGOs:Recent Developments in the Italian Legal System”
Dr. Elena Fasoli
Post-doc, University of Bologna, Italy
Presentation(English) Paper(English)
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Report 20:”Achievements and Critical Points of State Liability Litigation concerning Asbestos? The Sennan Case”

Mr. Akio Muramatsu
Attorney / Vice Chief of the Defense Team for the Sennan Case /Chief Director, The Aozora Foundation
Presentation(Japanese) Paper(Japanese)

Program and reference data

Program(English & Japanese)
Press Releases

Chronological table on the developments of partnership, public participation,
information access and access to justice in the environmental policy of Japan
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